Tuesday, August 23, 2011


CAS: Community Supported Agriculture

Our First Basket

This is our first year to be apart of a CSA. I only learned about them months before we found this one - and it's purely by chance. A case of "who you know." There aren't many in our town - I've only heard of two others. And the one supported only 5 families!

It's been pretty cool! We started out with sugar snap peas, onions, and lettuce. Oh -and fresh cut flowers. But as the summer has gone on, we've had many of the typical summer produce - especially zucchini and cucumbers. I searched for some good recipes to use these plentiful ingredients - and I'll share those in another post. I'm in the process of deciding what to do with pattypan squash.

Mid Summer Basket

Due to the cool wet spring, we had a small crop of lettuce and the tomatoes were kinda stunted. So we're just starting to get tomatoes and I've had to supplement lettuce and a few other veggies. But for the most part I need to get my creative juices flowing and use what we get.

I know one concern is that you'll get veggies you don't like or know how to use. Um, yeah- very true! But I think it's a great opportunity to experiment or try veggies you wouldn't normally spend the money on from the store. Obviously we did pay for these veggies - so I did pay for the less desirable veggies, but it also encourages me to get the most out of what's given to me.

The only thing I totally didn't want or use was okra. I know some people love it, but I don't. I passed it on. I've also passed on alot of cucumbers. There were just too many. Last week I got 9 new cucumbers and I already had 5 or 6 and had just given away about a half dozen. It's hard because you can't cook with them - at least zucchini I can add it to recipes... but unless I start to pickle these babies - not sure what to do here!

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